After the survey

[Learning how to fillet mackerel]
The ecosystem survey finished July 27th, and we arrived to Bergen around 7AM. I was surprised how it hit me that the cruise was over. A month goes by fast! The last week was full of bad weather, data processing, eating, playing cards and watching movies. When the weather was bad it was hard to concentrate on work.

The next four months will now be spent analyzing the data. This survey has been an amazing learning experience and I am so happy to have been given such an opportunity. Now comes the hard work!
[Surface-feeding mackerel]
[Last night on M/S Brennholm - the officemates]
[Saw orcas a few times on the boat but never got a good picture. Photo: Sara Wennerqvist]
[My boat swap. Photo: Sara Wennerqvist]
[Faroe Island puffin. Photo: Sara Wennerqvist]

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