Day 6 and getting tired.

Hasn't been a week yet and I'm feeling my lack of sleep catching up with me. Being on watch 6 hours on and then off has thrown me off a bit. I don't mind the 6PM work, but starting in the lab right at 6AM is not so fun. I don't move so fast as soon as I wake up and I'm a bit more clumsy with the fish - they seem to feel a little more slippery when I'm half asleep. I don't mind preparing otoliths and scales though in the morning - a nice way to start the day.

The water is a bit choppy, so not sure how good whale watching will be today. There have only been two sightings - both while I was sleeping. We are required to rest 8 hours, so after my morning shift I have lunch and nap for 2 hours.

[Sølvkveite (?) pulled in with the mackerel - when I picked it up two juvenile versions fell out of its mouth]
[Mackerel and herring otoliths - used for aging the fish]
[The lab space where we clean the otoliths and scales]

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