Health update

Since December 2016 I have been having dizzy/fainting episodes due to low blood pressure. My GP said I should just be aware of the symptoms and there was no real answer why I get these episodes.

Sunday I was at a restaurant and had my worst episode yet and was taken by ambulance to the emergency room, and later moved up to the hospital for observation. My heart rhythm was monitored all night and my blood pressure was measured numerous times. The next morning they did an ultra sound of my heart and found a leak in my pulmonary valve. This is relatively normal, but in my case it was a bit more than average. It could be a coincidence, but could also explain my low blood pressure and fainting episodes. I will be called in to a heart specialist for a follow up and will have to keep monitoring it, but otherwise I can keep doing what I'm doing since I'm otherwise very healthy.

Hunting for blue whiting

We've been at sea for two weeks now and have only taken 9 samples. Blue whiting seem to be pretty elusive for us this year. This is my first time on this tokt, and it is by far the most relaxing of them all with very little work - silver lining...plenty of time to work off all the good food in the gym!

We set out from Bergen aboard my favorite fishing vessel that we hire, Kings Bay, on a beautiful day in Bergen. We have had a bit of wind, some rain, and a fair amount of sunshine. The crew is a lot of fun and we got to know each other pretty well last summer when I was aboard this vessel all of July last year, when I was then known as "Pocahontas". The first two or three days we were only cruising to the beginning of our sampling area in the Irish Sea and we passed between some Scottish isles...just a shame the view was obscured by rain.

The trawl hauls have some very fascinating mesopelagic creatures; primarily different types of lanternfish that are so ugly that they a…

Bluegrass in Bergen

A week ago, one of my friends told me that a bluegrass group was coming to Bergen to play a couple of sets. I got three of my friends to join me Monday night to hear some bluegrass and cajun music at a folk music venue called Columbi Egg. The group is called Foghorn Stringband, and when the two cajuns joined them half-way into the set they became Cajun Country Revival. They put on a great show! So after the set, Kjetil asked where we might be able to find them jamming the following night. They shot him an email and we headed out to the bar last night to hear some more tunes.

We made some new friends at the bar while we waited for the band to start playing some tunes; Åse Britt and Bjørn (aka Polka-Bjørn). Åse Britt and I danced to some cajun music and then Polka-Bjørn sang "In the Jailhouse Now" - he was really good!! Kjetil had his accordion in the back of his car and asked the mandolin player if he could join for a few songs and he was warmly welcomed.

Around 1:30AM we de…

Herring spawning survey

The first survey (tokt in Norwegian) of the year for me was 12 days aboard M/V "Vendla" for the hunt for Norwegian spring-spawning herring. We began the tokt from Ålesund and finished in Tromsø.

The first night was a rough one. I did not get seasick, but the wind gusts were over 30 meters per second and I felt like a ragdoll in my bed. After a couple of days we finally found some herring and began sampling. We worked 12 hour shifts and I was happy that I was able to find time to run on the treadmill nearly everyday and still get a full-night's rest. The food on board was amazing, and we all looked forward to what Tor had made for us for dinner.

On the eve of my 29th birthday, I received a message from one of my colleagues on another boat of the northern lights, so I threw on my jacket and boots and ran out to the bow of the boat. It was pretty amazing! We were pulling in a catch, the seagulls were going crazy, the sky was clear but full of stars and then I saw the danci…

A weekend getaway

Last weekend I took myself to Trondheim. It was a lot colder and icier than I had predicted. I stayed at an airbnb that was a 25 minute walk from town, but it was nice to still get in a walk because I'm used to walking Pancho a lot everyday. I went for a couple of runs as well. Super icy, but just can't resist getting out in the sunshine!

Friday I took myself to a couple of concerts. First one was at an intimate little pub with a guitarist from Lillehammer. And the second one was Jonas Alaska, a Norwegian favorite in the Indie scene. It was a good evening.

Saturday I met up with a girl who I had gone scuba diving with in Thailand. We hadn't seen each other in 8 years, but when we met for dinner it was as if no time had passed. It was a wonderful weekend and I'm learning a lot about myself. Here's to 2018!

Bergen snow

Pancho and I have been enjoying this week's winter weather up on the mountain. He only runs with me in the snow and we have a great time!

A new year, and new beginnings