Pancho's puppies

Friday night Pancho and I took a little backpacking trip up the hill from where we live. We only walked about 30 minutes and we set up the tent, made a little bonfire and just relaxed. But when we got all set up, a group of people were blasting Frank Sinatra music from the picnic tables by the lake. Luckily, they were only there for about an hour and then we could hear the birds better.

It got a bit cold that night, so I don't think Pancho slept so well. I woke up around 4:30AM with him staring down at me and shivering. I managed to wrap him up in my coat and we slept til around 9AM before heading back down again for breakfast and a lazy day at home.

Sunday we were on a hike with my friend Carey when we got the news that his first litter of puppies were on their way! He is a proud pappa to four little girls, all of them black, three with short tails like his and one with a long tail. All the girls are healthy and happy. I felt oddly proud and very excited. We will go visit them i…

First camping trip this year

Last weekend Pancho and I went camping with my friend Idar. Friday night we just went up to the mountains behind my place and found a nice spot for the tent by a lake that Pancho and I walk around often. We tested some camp food that I got from Garage Grown Gear, and took some pictures for the review. Probably the best dehydrated meal I have ever tried camping. 
On Saturday morning we packed up and drove south towards Hardangerfjord. We hiked into a valley that led to a lake that is fed with melting water from the Folgefonna glacier called Bondhusvatnet. There were large stone tables and in the middle of the lake were some posts where I could hang my hammock. This place was by far the most picturesque camping spot I think I have ever been to with 360 degrees of amazing mountain views. It stayed light in the sky til after midnight! 
We woke up pretty warm in the tent from the sun beating down. Forgetting it was a public holiday, we had forgotten to buy breakfast food and had to drive …


I had a nice week of beach and sun with Mom and Dad in Key West. We stayed on a small trawler that was converted into a houseboat docked at a marina right outside a nice hotel. The Key West Songwriter's Festival was also happening that week so we enjoyed plenty of live music and beer.

We woke up three mornings in a row with torrential rain, but luckily the skies tended to open up after lunch time. Mom booked us on a Sebago snorkel trip, which was originally booked for a morning trip but the storm pushed us out til after lunch. And good thing we did, beacuse the sky opened up and we had clear blue sky (the wind was just a bit cold).

It was a very fun and relaxing week with Mom and Dad. Thank you for a great week!!

A long weekend in Nice

Saturday morning I flew to Nice, France, with my Brazilian friend, Thassya, for a girls weekend of sun and beach time. We stayed at a charming AirBnB in the middle of the old town of Nice with lots of restaurants and a 5 minute walk from the beach. We were ok with the weather (around 70 degrees F on Saturday and Sunday), but the French said it was far too cold.

On Sunday we walked to a typical French Riviera village called Villefranche sur Mer. And on Monday we took the train to Monaco. The main highlight for us there was the Oceanographic Museum - a very impressive building built on the cliffs overlooking the sea. The rest of my impression of Monaco was that there were a lot of tourists and expensive cars.

Health update

Since December 2016 I have been having dizzy/fainting episodes due to low blood pressure. My GP said I should just be aware of the symptoms and there was no real answer why I get these episodes.

Sunday I was at a restaurant and had my worst episode yet and was taken by ambulance to the emergency room, and later moved up to the hospital for observation. My heart rhythm was monitored all night and my blood pressure was measured numerous times. The next morning they did an ultra sound of my heart and found a leak in my pulmonary valve. This is relatively normal, but in my case it was a bit more than average. It could be a coincidence, but could also explain my low blood pressure and fainting episodes. I will be called in to a heart specialist for a follow up and will have to keep monitoring it, but otherwise I can keep doing what I'm doing since I'm otherwise very healthy.