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Doggie Day Care

Meet my first client! Her name is Kajsa ("Kai-sah"). She is an 11-yr old cocker spaniel.

I created a profile on a website over here called and I was contacted a week later by a very nice couple living 400 meters away. Kajsa has been with me two days now, and we pre-arranged a few other days this month. During the day Kajsa usually sleeps while I work on job applications and when I take a break we take a nice walk. We don't get too far since she likes to sniff everything but we are out for at least half an hour. Unfortunately, she is deaf, but very good with hand signals. Ozzie definitely doesn't get the same treatment - but only because he isn't deaf and will come when called. 
It's nice having a dog with me at home. I actually feel more productive!

Rome with REN

Marius' former boss invited us to join the REN trip to Rome (May 9-12). Marius went on Wednesday morning with his former colleagues and a couple of other companies. The first few days were spent in meetings for them. I arrived Friday night. I wasn't sure when exactly I would get there because the winds were too strong in Amsterdam - the famous windmills must have been making lots of power. Some of the other significant others from REN and I arrived to Rome around 9pm. We stayed at a hotel within eye-shot of the Colosseum, it was pretty darn cool. Of course the first night in town we had an authentic Italian multi-course dinner: cooked mixed veggies, pizza, pasta, cheeses, pizza and tiramisu. Yum!

Saturday morning we had a three-hour group walking tour from the Colosseum, past the Roman Forum, Pantheon and finishing up at Piazza Navona. Basically the bigger tourist attractions on the east side of the river. Naturally, REN had a fancy 5-star lunch planned and Marius and I had the…