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I finally have an update worth blogging about

I got a new job! My dream job! (At least my dream job for now). I accepted a permanent position at the Institute of Marine Research with the Pelagic research group. I did my Master's project with the Pelagic group and had a lot of fun on two summer research cruises. I'll be going out on surveys multiple times a year getting to work with a variety of species, and probably see some whales!

Today I gave my notice to my boss. I was very nervous about it because he has been a fantastic boss. Super flexible, not overbearing and very nice to work for. So it was with a heavy heart that I went to his office today. Carol (the woman who started it all for me at the Sars Center) was also informed, and I was very grateful to both of them for giving me such an opportunity to build my resume. It will be sad, but this new job is exactly what I have been waiting for and I can't wait to put what I studied into practice.

Additional news, there are only 50 more days until Marius and I get ma…