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Done with the first part of my thesis

This week I finished the not so exciting job of scrutinizing sonar! Now I can begin with some statistics to see what these mackerel were doing in 2010. My supervisors are also very excited that the project is progressing to the next phase so that they can be a bit more involved.

In the meantime, I did some more holiday decorating and have been preparing for my Norwegian exam. One of my supervisors wants me to hold a little presentation for them only in Norwegian! That should be interesting haha

Too early for Christmas decorations??

Nah. It's after Thanksgiving and we will only get to enjoy them until Dec. 13th because we'll be going to visit Carolyn right before spending Christmas in Oslo.

This morning I watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, and no rain! So I'm looking forward to a nice light jog around the neighborhood.

No, the other walls in our apartment are not painted green. Although, that would have been a very funny surprise for Marius when he gets home tomorrow!

Small improvements

Nothing really big has been happening - so that's why there haven't been any posts in a while. I have been working on my thesis, as usual, but finally finished with cleaning the sonar data, so now I can move onto the exciting part - seeing what the fish are actually doing!

In the meantime, Marius and I got a new rug for the living room - fluffier and bigger to protect the floors from the pointy couch legs. We also got a new cabinet from IKEA to put the aquarium on -- woohoo exciting! (haha).

We are excited for our little trip to London in December. We will officially be among a group of Norwegians that go to London for their shopping - very fancy! I bought the three of us tickets to hear Clare College Cambridge Christmas choir concert. What a cozy way to get into the Christmas spirit!