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#Act for Arctic

I have been volunteering for Greenpeace Norway since March, and I haven't really gotten into any campaigns until this summer. The campaign is called Act for Arctic. It is the first campaign Greenpeace has handed over to the community, and I really enjoy it. A declaration was written asking Arctic region countries to take action to protect the Arctic, since currently there are no laws prohibiting destructive activities. We are getting influential people to sign the declaration, which will be taken to the embassies of Arctic nations at the end of September. Our goal is 1500 signatories, and so far we are just over 700.
I am proud to say that I have signed up eight relatively high-profile people.
Bart Yasso - Chief Running Officer at Runner's World MagazineEric Philips - Polar AdventurerAleksander Gamme - Polar AdventurerKikkan Randall - Olympic cross-country skierAndy Newell - Olympic cross-country skierDean Karnazes - Ultra marathon runnerSteve O'Shea - Marine biologist (sq…