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Random Auckland Pictures


Rotorua Rafting Photos

Finally got the rafting pics from Sven and Frank! I'm the one in the back on the left side, right in front of the guide...except for the last couple, Frank and I were told to go up to the front to get soaked!

Marine Field Research

Went up near Leigh, where the marine laboratory is, to Whangateau Harbour for some field research. Recently there has been a massive mortality of a species of bivalves called Cockles, similar to clams. They are an important recreational shellfish and have an important role in the ecology of the harbour. From January 2009 to mid April, thousands of cockles have died and the marine biologists up at Leigh do not know why. Our class assisted the biologists by collecting data to help in the investigation of the recent cockle mortality. We split into groups of 5 and had to take random samples from selected points as the tide went out. I was in charge of writing down observations and tallying up the cockles [living] and cluckers [dead]. It was a long but interesting day. I was soaked from the knees down all day and at random times there was pouring rain and wind gusts. After being gone 8 hours, I arrived home and took a nice hot shower to warm up. It was pretty sweet knowing that we contribu…


Been very busy with studies lately with a 2500 word essay due by this weekend and then a 1500 word essay due by the 20th! Saturday I get to go up to Goat Island with my Marine Science class to do some field research. I'm excited! When I got done with classes yesterday I got a text from another Norwegian friend, Marius. He had just gotten his car fixed so we drove up to Mt. Eden and then to Mission Bay. Mt. Eden is pretty much just a crater but it was cool seeing the city behind it and then a rainbow on the other side. Played some soccer today. Forgot my soccer shoes so I was wearing my cross trainers and was slipping everywhere and the guys had a good laugh. Scored a goal though and had some good plays. Not much other news...OH! James is going to be on the show "Stars In Their Eyes" on May 19th, so we're all getting together with him to watch his performance. Hopefully there will be a clip on youtube to show you all. Here's some pictures from Mt.Eden. I did a lit…


Went to Rotorua last weekend for a little rafting and sledging down the Kaituna River with Sven, Frank, Rachel, and Morten. Before we left Sven and Frank's, Morten was able to recover my lost pictures from my South Island trip!! He's my hero! Once I get them from Sven's computer I will post some. Anywho, we got to Rotorua around 9PM and headed straight for the pool. Because of all the thermal activity, the pool was very warm since hot water is so easily obtained in Rotorua. The next morning we were greeted by a barefoot, tattooed guy with dread locks who was VERY perky compared to us...he was our rafting guide, Nigel. We got to the raft base and there I smelt the real scent of Rotorua = nasty! It wasn't too bad by our hostel and it was hardly noticeable, but at the rafting base you could see steam coming from the ground and it wasn't too nice.

After struggling to get my wetsuit on, we were all handed life vests and helmets...we were stylin'. The guide we had fo…