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New journey

Last week I found out that I have been accepted to the University of Bergen (in Norway) to pursue a Masters Degree in Aquaculture Ecology! August 10th I move to Norway!

"Smitten with the Mitten"

This month, Marius was given a semi-grand tour of Michigan. He got in on June 28th, and I got in the following day. We spent the first day at home and showed him around Milford. The next day we went to Detroit and took him to his first baseball game. He really enjoyed it! He also go to see the GM building via the People Mover, Greek Town, and the Detroit River with a view of Canada across the way. He didn't get to see the degraded side of the city - but that was probably for the best.

He got to meet a number of family and friends. First a handful of friends at a bonfire, followed by 4th of July weekend in Grand Rapids with my mom's side. They all loved him. He really had a great 4th of July experience - although there were a number of things that happened that aren't characteristic of our family gatherings, so he really had a big treat! We also ran a 4.5 mile race with Aunt Jill followed by a day on Lake Michigan and his first time sailing!

We tried to write down all of his …

Back in the Mitten

I have been back home (in MI) since June 29 after a long, tiring flight from New Zealand. I first had a 6hr layover in Nadi, Fiji, where I got out of the airport and went to dinner with my classmate (who was there on a vacation with her boyfriend). Then back on the plane for 12 or 13 hours to Los Angeles. When I got there I was so culture-shocked because I tried to get onto an earlier flight to Detroit rather than sitting in the airport for 11 hours. I went up to the counter after being placed in a certain line and asked the woman at the desk. She said I was supposed to be in a different line, but I explained to her that I was instructed to get in this line. She immediately threw her hands up and said "No, I'm done!", and walked away to her lunch break. I was so tired that I just broke down crying and got a payphone and called my parents and said "Everyone is just so rude"

Well, I found a corner in the airport to sleep and got a little food and finally made it …