Back in the Mitten

I have been back home (in MI) since June 29 after a long, tiring flight from New Zealand. I first had a 6hr layover in Nadi, Fiji, where I got out of the airport and went to dinner with my classmate (who was there on a vacation with her boyfriend). Then back on the plane for 12 or 13 hours to Los Angeles. When I got there I was so culture-shocked because I tried to get onto an earlier flight to Detroit rather than sitting in the airport for 11 hours. I went up to the counter after being placed in a certain line and asked the woman at the desk. She said I was supposed to be in a different line, but I explained to her that I was instructed to get in this line. She immediately threw her hands up and said "No, I'm done!", and walked away to her lunch break. I was so tired that I just broke down crying and got a payphone and called my parents and said "Everyone is just so rude"

Well, I found a corner in the airport to sleep and got a little food and finally made it to Detroit. I had a GREAT welcome - at the bottom of the stairs my parents and Marius were waiting with a "Welcome home" sign and we got my bags. Thus began Marius' American adventure with breakfast at a diner.

I'll write about our trip around the Mitten in the next post...

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