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An eventful May

It will take too long to update on everything, but here is a list of what has happened this month:

1) Marius and I had our wedding in Grand Rapids. We had a total of 75 guests, and it was too much fun!

2) After the wedding, we gave Tron, Rigmor and Knut a mini tour of the lower peninsula. We took them to Holland, Sleeping Bear Dunes, and Detroit. It really gave them a nice impression of Michigan, as opposed to what we see on TV in Norway about Detroit being really run down. The Norwegians were pleasantly surprised at how nice downtown was.

3) Marius ran an 18km race with me in Oslo that started up in the forest north of the city, and went along a river to downtown. I was sick, so it was the worst race ever for me, but he really enjoyed it. Pancho also ran the last 500 yards with us!

4) Pancho turned 1 year old today (May 24)!! The weather is really nice, so he'll get some salmon for dinner and a really nice hike.

My last day at my current job is June 24th, and then on the 27th I …