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Jeg er smart student!

Today my Norwegian teacher said that she thinks I should be up in level 2! Just depends on if there is room for me in the class. I am now capable of introducing myself and my background in norsk:

Jeg heter Justine og jeg kommer fra Detroit i USA. Jeg bor på Landås i Bergen og jeg er student i Universitetet i Bergen og studerer marin biologi. I dag Marius og jeg kjøpte fisker for vår nye akvarium! (I think we need a couple more fish)

(It just gets a little confusing when to use "på" vs "i"...even the teacher couldn't really explain.)

I am nervous for my half-marathon in September because I have developed a knee injury (NOT GOOD!), so I am taking it very easy this week and have a doctor appointment scheduled next week.

Mackerel and fiskesuppe

I had my first Norwegian lesson yesterday. It was three hours long, and we only learned:

the alphabetHei, jeg heter ___.Hva heter du?Hvor kommer du fra?Jeg kommer fra Detroit i USA. My next class will be on Thursday and I really hope it picks up a little bit more. There are many interesting people in my class, including a girl from New York, lady from Tanzania, another from Bangladesh, a couple people from Spain, as well as Netherlands, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Russia, Sudan, and England.

Fiskesuppe and homemade biscuits were very nice while mulling over what my hypothesis should be for my thesis. It will involve tracking mackerel with sonar, but I have to come up with the hypothesis on my own. Most of my classmates already had the hypothesis made for them by their supervisors, but I guess this helps me become a better scientist if I can create my own hypothesis.

I made the biscuits today when I got home from walking up Ulriken. It was very tough climbing up through the ice and snow …


I just signed up for my first half-marathon in September called Knarvik Mila! If I also add on a 5k the next day I can earn the title of "Fjord Princess" haha!

The route looks amazing!

An Inspirational Marine Biologist

"The dishes are clean, so I'll sell the dishwasher"

Vi gikk på ski!

Today I got to break in the new skis with Marius and Knut. It was frustrating at first slipping so much, but we asked someone along they way if I could borrow their wax and it was so much nicer. I survived all of the hills even! (Which is quite and accomplishment since the trails here are up hill, then down hill, then up hill - no flat spaces) I only fell once in the beginning and it was uphill trying to avoid hitting rocks. At the top of one of the hills before we turned around there was a herd of goats! 
 [Beautiful landscape!]

[Making friends with the goat herd]

Home Improvement

This weekend Marius' parents, Tron and Rigmor (Mom), came to visit us and help finish installing the dropped ceiling. It was primarily done by Marius and Tron while Rigmor and I cleaned up and made gomme and cranberry walnut bread. 

They also got me a set of XC skis as a Christmas/Birthday present so that I can join them at their mountain cabin some time this winter. There is zero snow in Bergen, sadly.

Bring on 2012

Tuesday I will fly back to Bergen with a 7 or 8 hour layover in Frankfurt. Being home has been a nice reminder of holiday fun and memories with family. Too bad there wasn't any snow...I am really bummed about that. 
It seemed like socks were the gift of the year. I made Dad a pair and I got at least 4 pairs. The pocket money will help save up for a dive trip that Marius and I are kind of talking about. This year I will learn Norwegian, start my thesis, and land a job! Bring it on 2012, because I've got a lot planned! 
[Christmas dinner - The Diaz family together again]