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At the end of August, we bid on a house and "won" it after only being inside for all of 5 minutes. In reality, we probably paid mainly for the location, but we truly have the best spot in Bergen (in our opinion). The house was built in 1923 and needs a bit of love, but we have decided to take on little-by-little.

While Marius was preparing the apartment for sale, I took on the first project myself. Our foyer was a nice shade of yellow, but I painted it white. I finally figured out why Scandinavians paint their interiors white.. With so little daylight in the winters, it is necessary to have the indoors be as bright as possible to combat the long dark days from November to March.

We've also started freshening up the living room. Before it was a shade of beige, and now it will be...white.

I touched up the kitchen by getting rid of the flower wallpaper and painting it white. We plan to paint the cupboards and drawers under the counter top a different color...but we aren…