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Warm feeties in the kitchen!

The "last" project on the apartment was finished today. At least it's the last project for a while. We installed new floors with heating coils underneath in the kitchen. The foor is the same as what we installed in the living room, but the heating will be SO nice when I get up in the morning to make breakfast. Since we live on the first floor it is quite cold on the floor.

Best weekend of 2013 so far

Nothing really new on the thesis front, but making progress.

This week and weekend I have been getting up "early" (before 7) and going for a run before going to the office. We have been below freezing in Bergen, but no precipitation. The frost is just building up each day, and it crunches beneath every stride.

Marius' friend, Ruth, has moved to Bergen, so we went for a walk up Fløyen on Saturday followed by coffee at a cute little coffee shop at the bottom of the mountain. It claims to be the oldest running coffee shop in Bergen.

New Year's Eve

Knut had us over for a nice New Year's Eve dinner, some rounds of FIFA, and seeing the fireworks over Bergen from his apartment.