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We got two pumpkins again this year and carved them today. We did one more decorative with lots of holes; an idea I saw on and the other was traditional style by Marius' imagination.

Our house has become a home

When you decide to "stop" by IKEA, make sure you have the entire day set aside only for IKEA activities. Today, Marius and I went with the idea of just buying a reading lamp for the livingroom. We didn't decide on a lamp, but instead brought home a tv table and shoe cabinet. The assembly, re-arranging and cleaning took 7 hours. We are very happy with the result!! 

Snow in Oslo, Sun in Bergen

This weekend I went to Oslo to spend some time with Marius and his parents. When I arrived on Friday, Marius and I baked two loaves of cranberry walnut bread as a thank you for flying me out. Saturday morning we woke up to snow! It was snowing! What?! Marius started whistling "Deck the Halls" -- way too early!! We took a little day trip to Holmenkolen ski jump and went to the Ski museum. Nothing much to it, but when you're Norwegian all you think about is skiing all year, so the snow earlier that morning was quite fitting. Believe it or not, there is interesting history with skis; maybe I'm becoming more Norwegian now.

Sunday was another morning of a little snow, however, followed by rain. After looking at some apartments that  Marius wants to buy to rent out to students, we went to the new modern art museum in Oslo at Aker Brygge. There was a warning when you walk in: "Some of the exhibitions may be offensive." The beginning was regular modern "art&q…