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Puppy update

On Saturday, May 23rd, a single Spanish waterdog puppy was born. He was described to us as a black, stub-tailed male (en sorte, stumpehalet hanne --- sounds cuter in Norwegian). We finally got a picture of him and an additional description, as told by the breeder:  this boy will make his mark someday; strong and compact.

The breeder told us that she chooses older males because they show good genes for a long, happy life. Thus, as a result, the litter is usually small.

We are allowed to visit him for the first time after June 19th, and can take him home mid July. Names have been brainstormed, but we'll see his personality before we decide.

News this spring

I realize I never got around to posting about Madrid. I wanted to upload pictures from Marius' camera, but that has been hard to remember the few times I go to Oslo. So I promise to post something with the pictures I took with my phone.

So news since Easter...
April 30th I logged over 1000 kilometers of running so far this year. I saw at the end of March that I could get myself to do it, and I did! It was a great night in Bergen for making that goal as well. June 1st I'll start my training cycle for the Oslo Marathon. My second attempt, so I'm aiming for anything better than 4:09:00 - my finishing time last year.

Marius and I have been hunting around for the right dog for us. He has a dog allergy, so we did lots of research. We have settled on Spanish water dogs. We took care of two for a breeder at the beginning of the month and they were the best. Very well-behaved and friendly dogs! Their names were Sookie and Lukas. Sookie is Lukas' mom and she is pregnant (due thi…