News this spring

I realize I never got around to posting about Madrid. I wanted to upload pictures from Marius' camera, but that has been hard to remember the few times I go to Oslo. So I promise to post something with the pictures I took with my phone.

So news since Easter...

April 30th I logged over 1000 kilometers of running so far this year. I saw at the end of March that I could get myself to do it, and I did! It was a great night in Bergen for making that goal as well. June 1st I'll start my training cycle for the Oslo Marathon. My second attempt, so I'm aiming for anything better than 4:09:00 - my finishing time last year.

My shoes that carried helped me run past my 1000th km this year also surpassed their 1000th km of their lifetime

My favorite running spot lately is Fjellveien - a road which runs along the rim of the valley just above the city-
Great views of downtown, fresh air, gravel pathway.

Experimenting with some new ways to fuel - quinoa berry bowl
1 c. cooked quinoa, 1 banana, 1/2 c berries, walnuts, coconut milk

Marius and I have been hunting around for the right dog for us. He has a dog allergy, so we did lots of research. We have settled on Spanish water dogs. We took care of two for a breeder at the beginning of the month and they were the best. Very well-behaved and friendly dogs! Their names were Sookie and Lukas. Sookie is Lukas' mom and she is pregnant (due this week). I told the breeder that I want one of these puppies since the temperament seems to be good in this line. Looking forward to updates on their arrival this week!

Mom likes to keep her son on a tight leash

On May 6th, Marius and I celebrated 6 years together...but in separate cities. Wild to think it has been that long. Time flies! 

I'm still living at the house downtown, but in a month I will be moving back up to the apartment that Marius and I first lived in together. It will be a great homecoming. Marius hopes to be finished with the apartment in Oslo by the end of June. Fingers crossed he can keep up his hard work. This past weekend we assembled some drawers for the new kitchen. 

Looking forward to updating about our expected new addition and my marathon training.

17th of May is Norway's Independence Day - Here is Katrine (2nd from right) walking in Auckland!
Marius and I have our own tradition of rømmegrøt (sour cream porridge - best with sugar,
cinnamon and raisins) with spekemat (dried ham) and flat bread.

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