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Jan Mayen

This tokt has been quite an experience this year. We were given an amazing feeding show from the humpback whales near Jan Mayen and the next morning we were expecting a trip on the island in the middle of nowhere.

Jan Mayen is a Norwegian volcanic island in the Arctic, northeast of Iceland, that we tend to see from the ship during this tokt every year. This year I was privileged to go on land!

At one end of the island there is a military base and meteorological station with up to 35 non-permanent residents. The other end is a 2277m (7470 ft) volcano called Beerenberg. Last year we saw the volcano perfectly from the boat, but this year there was too much fog to see.

We had to wait for the fog to clear and ask for permission to take the lifeboat to land. We finally got on land around 5AM after climbing a rope ladder down the side of the boat and into the lifeboat. There is no dock so we had to wade through the water and onto the black sand beach. It was a slightly eerie feeling with the…

Akureyri and The Diamond Circle

We docked in the north Icelandic town of Akureyri yesterday to swap out some crew, and I got to enjoy two days in Iceland to recalibrate for round two of the mackerel tokt. Akureyri is the second largest city in Iceland with a population of 18000.

To kick off my layover in Iceland, my co-worker Adam and I decided to take advantage of the great weather and headed up the local mountain called Súlur. It towers 1200m above sea level and the hike was approximately 6 miles round trip. We decided to take a taxi to a parking lot at the start of the hike to save a little time. The terrain transitioned from grass to large rocks and finally to basalt gavel at the top. We held a good pace and got to the top in less than 90 minutes. At the top we slammed down a Snickers bar before running back down. It was a fantastic hike and we were proud of completing the trip in 2 hrs and 18 minutes when we were advised it would take 4 hours.

The next morning my other coworker (Merete) and I rented a car for …

Mackerl tokt so far..

On July 2nd I headed out on the fishing vessel "Kings Bay" for my usual mackerel tokt. This survey is my favorite because of the very calm seas and nice pace in terms of work on board. We have enough work to not get too bored and enough free time to work out and relax.

The first two days were for calibrating the echosounder, so we were back in Bergen the first two nights. On the 4th we headed west toward Shetland. We have had beautiful views and nice sunsets most of the way. We have not seen any whales yet, but we have gotten some nice hauls of mackerel, herring and blue whiting.

In a week we will be in Iceland for a crew change, and I am looking forward to a road trip day with my coworker. Should be some great pictures from that day trip!