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Master presentation on Monday

Monday morning is my final presentation. Reading through my thesis and found a couple of typos and better words that I should have used in some cases. Good thing that I noticed now so that I can be prepared if the reviewer notices them too. It's so easy to get so into a project to not notice the simple mistakes. I'm looking forward to being finished on Monday!

Summer solstice

Since living in Norway the one thing that always amazes me is the day length from May through July. Yesterday (the summer solstice) the sunset was 11:11 PM, but there was still light in the sky all night. Around 11:15 I went for a jog and everything was still really bright. There were very few cars and the mallards at the little lake near us were all asleep. Had I had Marius' fancy camera I would have gone up to the lookout for a good picture, but those get repetitive. If I'm in Norway this time next year, I will run the midnight sun marathon up in Tromsø, where the race starts at midnight since up there the sun never goes down!

 Our garden is doing great. We have some radishes that I harvested today because I had to clear some space for the other budding radishes, and the slugs were getting to them. I need to do the beer trick! I pre-planted some oregano, parsley, grass onion, and string beans. They sprouted this week, so I think next week they will be ready for the flower …