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Tenting in Jonadal

Friday night Marius and I packed out packs for an over night near Flåm. We chose Flåm because it was near where we were supposed to meet the Metzs.
We drove about two and a half hours out of Bergen and started hiking in the thick mist. The grass was really wet so we got soaked on our legs and feet. 
We got out fairly late and were eager to find a suitable spot for our tent pretty quick. We thought we saw a plateau above some loose rocks and decided to climb up. Maritime me to keep left and he would keep right, in case any loose rocks would tumble down into the valley. Soon we realized that we were just asking to get into a dangerous situation, so carefully went down to the trail and continued on. 
A beautiful waterfall caught our attention and Marius decided to see if it would be possible to camp near it, a bit uphill from the trail. When he got to a certain point, he took off the pack and set it down. I thought this meant he was set for us to camp up there. Suddenly I heard him yell…

House update

We have come a long way since we moved into our house about 9 months ago. We are about 85% done with the upstairs. We have renovated the bathroom and two upstairs bedrooms. All that is left are the walls and ceiling in the hallway.




Next step is constructing the closet tomorrow. But first, sleep!

Status update and a thank you note

This survey that I'm on is very relaxed. There is not much to do and I am itching to get off the boat. Four more days and then I'm home again.

Since I'm the youngest I am always given the night shift (midnight - 6AM; noon - 6PM). It's pretty quiet in the middle of the night. Normally I would take advantage of not much to do and go work out in the training room on board, but the weather has been pretty bad since I got on board and that makes it a little iffy to try to work out.

I'm currently reading a book about running by ultra running legend Scott Jurek. He talks a lot about his support crew during his races. And it made me reflect a lot on my recent race.

The Eco Trail Oslo was a big achievement, but finishing wasn't the highlight. It was seeing my family there cheering me on as many places as they could manage while I shuffled along the course. They stood there and waited for me, cheered me on and gave words of encouragement. They even tried to run a little…