Status update and a thank you note

This survey that I'm on is very relaxed. There is not much to do and I am itching to get off the boat. Four more days and then I'm home again.

Since I'm the youngest I am always given the night shift (midnight - 6AM; noon - 6PM). It's pretty quiet in the middle of the night. Normally I would take advantage of not much to do and go work out in the training room on board, but the weather has been pretty bad since I got on board and that makes it a little iffy to try to work out.

I'm currently reading a book about running by ultra running legend Scott Jurek. He talks a lot about his support crew during his races. And it made me reflect a lot on my recent race.

The Eco Trail Oslo was a big achievement, but finishing wasn't the highlight. It was seeing my family there cheering me on as many places as they could manage while I shuffled along the course. They stood there and waited for me, cheered me on and gave words of encouragement. They even tried to run a little with me,..yup...and Pancho too.

I don't know if you guys (Marius, Mom, Dad, Rigmor, Tron and Katrine) understood it that day. But that support really pulled me through. I was struggling and sore and it took commitment to try to find me as much as possible along the last 15kms of the course.

Thank you.

I don't think I can say it enough or if you'll ever understand how grateful I am for the support.

It's one thing to run 48 kms over 6 hours through the woods; but it's something totally different when you have six people standing there cheering you on as you do it. I'm pretty sure I had the biggest fan club that day and I'll never forget it.

My only regret is that I didn't get a picture of you guys cheering me on.



Now that you've had the experience...Think you'd be up for it again someday? haha!

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