In case you missed it, I moved back to Bergen

But only temporarily, as of yet. In the beginning of the month I took the train from Oslo to Bergen. It was a beautiful trip cross-country ascending to over 1000m above sea level and back down again. My friend Knut said that I could stay at his place until an apartment was available to rent. I picked up the key from his mom, dropped off my things, and went back downtown to go to my Norwegian course. He was out of town for the week for work, and my first day of work was not until the following Monday. So I used the next five days reacquainting myself with Bergen....mainly by running around my old neighborhood.

On Monday (Nov 10) I started my new (tempoary) part time job at UniResarch Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology...UniSars for short. Technically I am called a "research technician", but I'm more like a glorified dishwasher at the moment. I made sure to tell the researchers that I am more than capable to help them if they need an extra pair of hands, but so far I've only been recruited to help clean some plankton tanks...Hey, I'll take what I can get!

Everyone here is very nice and my boss said that if something permanent were to open up that he would be sure to let me know. I have a fair bit of down time between autoclaving (sterilization) cycles, so the administration ladies make sure to give me all sorts of random things to keep me occupied. For example, recycling papers and sorting files. One of the ladies said, "Everyone is over qualified for that kind of work, but it still needs to be done," and the lady giggled.

View from my office...sorry it is sideways
It is getting darker earlier and earlier! Yesterday I took a walk up Mount Ulriken in the dark with my headlamp. I'm not the only one. I often see headlamp light coming down the mountain at night, and it looks really pretty. When I got to the top it was snowing! I made sure to go back down very carefully (as always). I survived my first night hike up Ulriken and I'm looking forward to trying it out again since there's no crowd. There were only three or four other people taking the trek that evening.

Today I'm flying over to Oslo! It has been about three weeks since I've seen Marius, so it will be nice!

attempted panorama

view from the top

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