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[View from Marius' family home over suburban Oslo] [Christmas morning] [Christmas 2 at -5C, first attempt was -23C (-9.4F)]

Christmas Eve in Oslo

In Norway, the festivities are on Christmas Eve. Marius's family was very welcoming and served so many delicious foods! My favorite was probably the lefse and gomme, but it is so hard to choose with the variety that we had over the holiday. I also really enjoyed Christmas Eve dinner of ribbe (pork ribs) and Christmas day dinner, which was halibut. Now Marius and I are starting our diets so that we don't look so chubby for New Years. Thank you, Engebrethsen family, for having me and giving me a wonderful Christmas! I need some tea to try out my mug that Mom sent me and the teapot that Marius' family gave me as well. Marius is going to hang the plaque in the kitchen today. We really appreciated the gifts, Mom and Dad!
Hope everyone had as wonderful a Christmas as I did!
[Marius and his sister, Katrine, decorating the tree with Norwegian flags] [Me and Uno, their Wheaton terrier - he was my shadow] [Trying on my new jacket from Marius' parents - Thank you!] [Christmas morning …

Snow in Bergen

It isn't a common thing to see snow in Bergen because of the warm sea water that keeps the city above freezing temperatures, but this week we have been getting snow each morning! Marius and I took a long walk into the city center and back to see the Julehuset (Christmas house) store -- a mini Bronner's. We wanted to explore more, but I was too cold and wimped out, so we'll have to continue exploring another day.
[Looking over a snowy Bergen] [Sunset at 3:30PM] [Old fishing town style in downtown Bergen - my favorite] [In Julehuset]

Skiing in Geilo

The past week we were in Geilo with some of Marius' friends and my friend Borghild. The first day I wasn't so successful keeping on my feet when we were skiing...I blamed a poor wax job on the skis. But the next time we went out I did much better and it was a great trip. Now we're back in Bergen and soon we drive back to Oslo for the Norwegian-style Christmas. Lots of driving, but it's not so horrible since it's such a beautiful landscape!


I arrived in Oslo at 9:30pm local time after getting stuck in Frankfurt for 7 hours because of the snow. Now I am in Bergen and it's only been a few days, but I got to see a bit :)
[Don't let your dogs poop by the playground.] [Baking gingerbread cookies!] [Driving to Bergen through the snow: "Snowy, but the driver was extremely skilled so we got to Bergen alive." - Marius]

Flying to Oslo

Currently on my layover in San Francisco. Surprised that I got so many questions from airport security in Auckland when I was leaving -- I was pulled aside for questions three times! Then on my flight to San Francisco we had the worst turbulence I have ever experienced. I was just waiting for the freefall...but we made it out ok, and I actually got to sleep more than usual on this flight. Slept for roughly half of the flight. In a little bit I'll be on the next long flight to Frankfurt. I think this one is 13 hours...not too sure. Luckily my last leg is only two hours to Oslo. Very excited!

23 Seals

"The Department of Conservation is condemning the brutal killing of 23 seals, including eight newborn pups, on the Kaikoura coast."
This has been in the news the past couple of days here. It is disgusting that people can do such a thing. Last year there were three people arrested for throwing rocks at a leopard seal, and a rugby star with two of his friends were arrested and finned for shooting a fur seal when they were fishing.
The seals on the Kaikoura coast are still acting very alert, as this event really caused panic within the seal colony. I hope that the people who did this are at least jailed.

For Mac


Mom's Visit to NZ

I had a very nice and amazing trip with my mom for the two weeks she was here. I tried to give her as many highlights as we could fit in her time here. She arrived Saturday (Nov. 20) and we spent the rest of that day and the next walking around Auckland. I showed her my campus and where I like to go; including: the aquarium, Mission Bay (closest beach), Auckland Domain (park and museum), and the restaurants. We ate so much food!!
The following Monday we flew down to Queenstown, probably the nicest "city" in NZ. We slept in a tent and I FROZE! We spent about two days there before heading to Te Anau where we spent another night FREEZING before we began the Milford Track -- 33.5 Miles/4 days of hiking out to Milford Sound. It was, hands down, the best hike I have ever done. Mom wasn't used to the hills so much, being from the flat mid-west, and was quite stiff. We met a great group of people from all over and got to know some of them in the four days we all spent together. …