Christmas Eve in Oslo

In Norway, the festivities are on Christmas Eve. Marius's family was very welcoming and served so many delicious foods! My favorite was probably the lefse and gomme, but it is so hard to choose with the variety that we had over the holiday. I also really enjoyed Christmas Eve dinner of ribbe (pork ribs) and Christmas day dinner, which was halibut. Now Marius and I are starting our diets so that we don't look so chubby for New Years. Thank you, Engebrethsen family, for having me and giving me a wonderful Christmas! I need some tea to try out my mug that Mom sent me and the teapot that Marius' family gave me as well. Marius is going to hang the plaque in the kitchen today. We really appreciated the gifts, Mom and Dad!

Hope everyone had as wonderful a Christmas as I did!

[Marius and his sister, Katrine, decorating the tree with Norwegian flags]
[Me and Uno, their Wheaton terrier - he was my shadow]
[Trying on my new jacket from Marius' parents - Thank you!]
[Christmas morning with his blanket - I finished it 6 months and $70 of yarn later!]

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