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You know what grinds my gears?

Recently, the BBC interviewed New Zealand's Prime Minister, John Key, and asked him about the "100% Pure New Zealand" advertisements. Youtube them if you are unfamiliar. Turns out, this clean, green country has 90% of its lowland rivers severely polluted. I haven been learning about these things all semester and it's pretty weird to think that I came over here for it's "less polluted wilderness," and yet it's quite environmentally degraded.

The BBC brought these facts to the attention of PM John Key in the interview. It was then mentioned that one of New Zealand's leading environmental scientists [Mike Joy] stated that the country is actually in poor environmental condition -"New Zealanders are delusional about how clean and green we really are". And PM Key's response?

"Well it might be [Mike Joy's] view, but I don't share that view"
"Like lawyers, I can provide you another one who will give you another view&qu…
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Thanks to the effects of El Nino, the summer warmth has gone on much longer than last year. It was quite warm today followed by some sun showers and a really cool rainbow set in a purple sky with some clouds working their way across the campus.

Sorry the picture quality is so crap. My camera battery was dead so I tried using my webcam and took the picture from my bedroom window.

An update

[Credit to NPR]
- Massive earthquakes? NO
- Day already turned to night? NO
- Judgment Day has arrived? Nope

"So, it looks like The Rapture that evangelical radio broadcaster Harold Camping said would begin at 6PM NZT and that lots of people have been talking about hasn't happened."

Or is this supposed to be Hell? Being stuck inside on a beautiful Sunday working on a massive report...hmm...nah, not Hell. I haven't broke down to ask for deliverance.

Actually, at the time the big thing was supposed to happen, I was enjoying the best dinner I've had in months!

Camping's website hasn't updated the news, by the way...Maybe he thinks this is hell since he just can't seem to get it right.

End of the world?

Supposedly, at 5:58PM "we will reach our judgement day." At least that's what was told to me last night as I walked down to the pub to wish my friend a happy birthday. My four-block walk down Queen Street had three Christian groups preaching about the end of the world.

These groups are saying that a massive wave of an earthquake will begin at the Pacific Rim and go around the world. If this happens (which I 100% doubt it will), then my apologies to Dad for laughing at his theory that New Zealand will be the first to experience the Apocalypse. Upon further investigation, apparently it is "judgement day" today and the end of the world will be in October. Well that's not too bad (*sarcasm*).

There is a different sound from Queen Street today, however. There was a protest against oil exploration in New Zealand. You go, fellow hippies and treehuggers!

[The Protest]


For some odd reason, Marius decided it would be a good idea to sign us up for the steepest race in the world...yes, IN THE WORLD. It's called Stoltzen Opp and it's an annual race in Bergen.

The profile is 20-40% incline the whole way, and it's a 313.5m (1028ft) climb for 919m (3015ft).

This year it's in late September, so at least I have a few months to prepare. I am ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED since I avoid running hills.

College Grad

So, since New Zealand has this strange tradition where graduation isn't until months after you finish your final semester, I decided to pretend I'm attending my graduation by borrowing my friend's regalia and I got a couple pictures...just so that I can pretend that I will have my graduation.
Look Mom and Dad, I graduated! Looking forward to that graduation dinner when I come back home in two months :)
[If I was sticking around for my graduation...] [Me with the true Graduand, Divya (one of my best friends in NZ)] CONGRATULATIONS, DIV!