End of the world?

Supposedly, at 5:58PM "we will reach our judgement day." At least that's what was told to me last night as I walked down to the pub to wish my friend a happy birthday. My four-block walk down Queen Street had three Christian groups preaching about the end of the world.

These groups are saying that a massive wave of an earthquake will begin at the Pacific Rim and go around the world. If this happens (which I 100% doubt it will), then my apologies to Dad for laughing at his theory that New Zealand will be the first to experience the Apocalypse. Upon further investigation, apparently it is "judgement day" today and the end of the world will be in October. Well that's not too bad (*sarcasm*).

There is a different sound from Queen Street today, however. There was a protest against oil exploration in New Zealand. You go, fellow hippies and treehuggers!

[The Protest]

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