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FIFA 2010 South Africa

FIFA 2010 kicked off on June 11 and today,New Zealand will today make a return to the world’s greatest football stage exactly 28 years to the day since their FIFA World Cup debut. The All Whites will take on Slovakia at 11PM (New Zealand time). It is hard to say whether it will be a good game or not; however, the fact that NZ is in the world cup for the first time in so long is enough of a reason to stay up so late.
Saturday morning was the big USA vs. England match. The Americans are so happy with a tie that the New York Post had this as its front page:
The time difference makes it a bit hard to keep up with seeing the games, but it's always fun to rub in the fact that the British tied the US in their first World Cup game this year to some British friends.
Next exam is Saturday for Invertebrate Diversity. And only 20 days to go til Thailand!!

Exam month

So this month kicks off a couple big events:June 12th is my first final exam of the exam period. It is for my Hydrology & Fluvial Geomorphology class. One of the options for the essay portion of the exam is: "Chorley and Kennedy (1971) contend that 'Time is not a process in time.' Discuss the importance of this state ment as a conceptual tool with which to interpret the behavior and evolution of river systems." I have been spending the past week trying to figure this one out and I think I have made significant progress on it today.
However, something more exciting on June 13th at 6:30AM is the USA vs. England FIFA World Cup game.
In other news, my friend Hannah, who I call the Yooper (from Iron Mountain, MI), taught me how to knit over the weekend. My current project is to knit a blanket. I will give one more update before I head off to Thailand in July.