Exam month

So this month kicks off a couple big events:
June 12th is my first final exam of the exam period. It is for my Hydrology & Fluvial Geomorphology class. One of the options for the essay portion of the exam is: "Chorley and Kennedy (1971) contend that 'Time is not a process in time.' Discuss the importance of this state ment as a conceptual tool with which to interpret the behavior and evolution of river systems." I have been spending the past week trying to figure this one out and I think I have made significant progress on it today.

However, something more exciting on June 13th at 6:30AM is the USA vs. England FIFA World Cup game.

In other news, my friend Hannah, who I call the Yooper (from Iron Mountain, MI), taught me how to knit over the weekend. My current project is to knit a blanket. I will give one more update before I head off to Thailand in July.

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