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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from New Zealand. Technically it was yesterday for me over here, but I was working and I work today as well. Yesterday my Thanksgiving feast was a bowl of spaghetti. Thank you for the skype session, family. It was a great way to start my day :)

Muriwai and Flatmates

Sunday morning at 3AM, Sawyer left for Australia for two weeks before he heads back to South Korea for his "study abroad" excursion. Tomorrow morning we get the new addition to our family, Mike from Minnesota. I have been working at Kathmandu for about a month now and feel like I am fitting in nicely.
Tuesday was Eike's birthday and we both had work off, so Beau, Dominic, Eike and I went to Muriwai beach. It started out a little cloudy, but after probably 30 minutes to an hour the sun was out and giving Eike the second warmest birthday he has ever had. Sadly a lot of our friends have already started traveling around New Zealand and the South Pacific, so it was just the four of us on his birthday.
I am very excited to continue earning money and seeing Marius in January. The following pictures are from Eike's Birthday/Beach Day.

Summer Vacation!

I just got home from my last exam and it already feels weird. I haven't had summer vacation in quite some time and I don't know what I'll do with the rest of the time I'm not using working! Oh well, time to find out I guess.