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Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! What will you do to give back to our planet?

I haven't heard of any sort of collaborated movement over here in Bergen, but there are still many things that can make a difference. Little everyday things make the biggest difference. My contribution today was jogging to my office (but that (or cycling) is an everyday thing anyways).

If you don't believe Sir Attenborough, then you should just see what will happen to the marine life with continued pollution...

Started a new job today

Last weekend I took one final ski trip of the season at Geilo.

 It was a relaxing 16km loop in about 2 hrs 15 mins. The wind was against us the whole first half, but it was a breeze the way back to the apartment. I managed to work a bit while I was there, still not enough though.

Today I had my first day working at the Evo Fish guppy lab at the university. There is a room full of tanks that have guppies that were collected in Trinidad. The research group is using the guppies for evolutionary analyses, such as color changes through generations and effects size selection. Every 5-6 weeks, different populations are "harvested." So today we sorted population 1 into two size fractions (less than or equal to 16 mm, and greater than 16 mm). Some of the guppies are also marked with a type of "color tattoo," so those were also separated....yada yada we had to use a chemical that mixed with water to make the guppies "sleep" for a few minutes while w…

Easter at Synnfjell

After we returned from Portugal, Marius and I drove up to Synnfjell where the Engebrethsen's have their "ski lodge" -- they call it a cabin, but it is clearly so large it should be called a lodge. Tron, Rigmor and Katrine were already there, as well as the Easter sunshine. We quickly ate some lunch and headed out for a little ski trip. We gave the GoPro Hero3 some tests in snow conditions. It was great! So far very happy with our new camera.

Every morning I woke up before 8 and worked on my thesis until the family got up about an hour and half later, then we had breakfast, and I joined them for skiing two other times. The second ski trip was up a mountain called Spåtind. It was just uphill, and then a relaxing trip down that took a tiny fraction of the time it took to climb up the mountain, but still a fun trip. At the end of the ski trips we always look forward to coffee and chocolate and/or cookies on the porch in the sunshine. The third trip was my favorite loop that…