Easter at Synnfjell

[GoPro skiing pictures]

After we returned from Portugal, Marius and I drove up to Synnfjell where the Engebrethsen's have their "ski lodge" -- they call it a cabin, but it is clearly so large it should be called a lodge. Tron, Rigmor and Katrine were already there, as well as the Easter sunshine. We quickly ate some lunch and headed out for a little ski trip. We gave the GoPro Hero3 some tests in snow conditions. It was great! So far very happy with our new camera.

[Working in the lodge]

Every morning I woke up before 8 and worked on my thesis until the family got up about an hour and half later, then we had breakfast, and I joined them for skiing two other times. The second ski trip was up a mountain called Spåtind. It was just uphill, and then a relaxing trip down that took a tiny fraction of the time it took to climb up the mountain, but still a fun trip. At the end of the ski trips we always look forward to coffee and chocolate and/or cookies on the porch in the sunshine. The third trip was my favorite loop that we can take from the lodge called Sæterunden. It's mostly flat, with some gentle up and downhills - I like to practice my skate skiing on this route. I had to dedicate the other days, and evenings to my thesis. I made sure to take a little break of course for some games.
[Bonfire, hotdogs, and hot cocoa outside the cabin - Marius' smoke signal]

[The first annual "Synnfjell Open" Easter competition]
On Easter Sunday, the neighbor cabin (family friends and former neighbors in Oslo back in the late 80's) hosted a little event where we had to ski to stations and answer trivia questions (mostly about Norway and skiing) and then the final round was skiing the loop twice and the time for each loop had to be the same time to get more points. It was fun! Tron came in 2nd place...none of the "kids" got in the top 4 places. I think we need to brush up on our Norwegian celebrities and Oslo geography.

Next week I start working at the guppy lab at the University of Bergen. I will work only 4 days next week, but that's perfect since I'm in the final 2 months of my thesis. Time flies!

[Hawkowl that sat in that tree all day while I was writing my thesis in the sun]

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