Started a new job today

[Good weather for the last ski of the season]

[Tron, Rigmor and Marius]
Last weekend I took one final ski trip of the season at Geilo.

 It was a relaxing 16km loop in about 2 hrs 15 mins. The wind was against us the whole first half, but it was a breeze the way back to the apartment. I managed to work a bit while I was there, still not enough though.

[the EvoFish guppy lab]
Today I had my first day working at the Evo Fish guppy lab at the university. There is a room full of tanks that have guppies that were collected in Trinidad. The research group is using the guppies for evolutionary analyses, such as color changes through generations and effects size selection. Every 5-6 weeks, different populations are "harvested." So today we sorted population 1 into two size fractions (less than or equal to 16 mm, and greater than 16 mm). Some of the guppies are also marked with a type of "color tattoo," so those were also separated....yada yada we had to use a chemical that mixed with water to make the guppies "sleep" for a few minutes while we measured and noted the sex and maturity of certain individuals. Some guppies were not so lucky today and were "killed" using a double dose...all in the name of science. So I will continue this job tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. It's a nice bit of experience to add to my resume.

When I got home I went for a run, and it was probably about 48 degrees F - perfectly fine shorts weather back in Michigan...well, when I was walking back from the grocery store (still in my shorts) it started snowing! Crazy Bergen weather! Almost feels like MI. Good thing I have my green peppers growing inside!

[Winter outside, spring inside]

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