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Syttende Mai

Yesterday I celebrated Norwegian National Day (Syttende Mai or 17 Mai)...well, I tried to.

I managed to miss the parade, the best part! I was on the bus trying to meet Carl and Vegard, but I didn't know where I was supposed to get off, so I saw some girls with Norwegian flags and got off the bus. I asked them if I could tag along to get to the meeting place. Turned out they didn't know where they were going and once Carl texted me the location I had to lead us in the opposite direction to get us there as fast as we could. When I go there everyone was really dressed up, girls in dresses, guys in suits. Most important of all, they all had a Norwegian flag. After getting some pictures of my friends and seeing what it was all about I walked back to campus for studying and lectures.

For dinner I went over to Øystein's flat and he made a Norwegian variation of meat balls and onion gravy, with a side of potatoes and carrots. For dessert I made riskrem (rice cream). We had Øystein s…

The Climax of the Semester

The past 10 days has been pretty much hell for me due to an accumulation of due assignments, mid-term tests, field trip, and work. The Hydrology & Geomorphology field trip assignment was due last Friday (worth a massive 20% of my final mark). I pulled a half-all-nighter working on the assignment and turned it in before a full day of lectures. I had an ecology test that was difficult at one section referring to Maroi/European colonization of New Zealand. I know more about the colonization of New Zealand than my kiwi flatmates. I also had a field trip for Ecology on Saturday.

A very stressful situation erupted when I had to try to find a replacement for me at work (during the last weekend of the sale). It was a situation that did not need to be as stressful as I had turned it into. I blame Kathmandu Ltd. for this. I felt more obligated to go to work than attend the field trip, which is totally backwards since this field trip determines if I pass the course or not. Not what I need to …