Summer solstice

[Just after sunset, ca. 11:15PM]
 Since living in Norway the one thing that always amazes me is the day length from May through July. Yesterday (the summer solstice) the sunset was 11:11 PM, but there was still light in the sky all night. Around 11:15 I went for a jog and everything was still really bright. There were very few cars and the mallards at the little lake near us were all asleep. Had I had Marius' fancy camera I would have gone up to the lookout for a good picture, but those get repetitive. If I'm in Norway this time next year, I will run the midnight sun marathon up in Tromsø, where the race starts at midnight since up there the sun never goes down!

[Sleeping ducks]

[11:30 PM, June 21]

 Our garden is doing great. We have some radishes that I harvested today because I had to clear some space for the other budding radishes, and the slugs were getting to them. I need to do the beer trick! I pre-planted some oregano, parsley, grass onion, and string beans. They sprouted this week, so I think next week they will be ready for the flower box.

Still preparing for my one exam and my thesis defense. I'm eager to get this stuff done!

[Successful gardening]
[The slugs got this radish]
[Doing a little work for the IMR preparing fish otoliths for age analysis]

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