Been very busy with studies lately with a 2500 word essay due by this weekend and then a 1500 word essay due by the 20th! Saturday I get to go up to Goat Island with my Marine Science class to do some field research. I'm excited! When I got done with classes yesterday I got a text from another Norwegian friend, Marius. He had just gotten his car fixed so we drove up to Mt. Eden and then to Mission Bay. Mt. Eden is pretty much just a crater but it was cool seeing the city behind it and then a rainbow on the other side. Played some soccer today. Forgot my soccer shoes so I was wearing my cross trainers and was slipping everywhere and the guys had a good laugh. Scored a goal though and had some good plays. Not much other news...OH! James is going to be on the show "Stars In Their Eyes" on May 19th, so we're all getting together with him to watch his performance. Hopefully there will be a clip on youtube to show you all. Here's some pictures from Mt.Eden. I did a little editing with the brightness and contrast, so I think they look pretty cool.

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