#Act for Arctic

I have been volunteering for Greenpeace Norway since March, and I haven't really gotten into any campaigns until this summer. The campaign is called Act for Arctic. It is the first campaign Greenpeace has handed over to the community, and I really enjoy it. A declaration was written asking Arctic region countries to take action to protect the Arctic, since currently there are no laws prohibiting destructive activities. We are getting influential people to sign the declaration, which will be taken to the embassies of Arctic nations at the end of September. Our goal is 1500 signatories, and so far we are just over 700.

I am proud to say that I have signed up eight relatively high-profile people.
  • Bart Yasso - Chief Running Officer at Runner's World Magazine
  • Eric Philips - Polar Adventurer
  • Aleksander Gamme - Polar Adventurer
  • Kikkan Randall - Olympic cross-country skier
  • Andy Newell - Olympic cross-country skier
  • Dean Karnazes - Ultra marathon runner
  • Steve O'Shea - Marine biologist (squid expert) and environmentalist
  • Save the Manatee Club - non-profit organization
  • Les Stroud - Canadian survivalist, environmentalist and TV personality aka Survivorman
  • Chris Medina - singer, former American Idol contestant
I was asked to write a blog post about my experience with the campaign and how I got sign ups. Check it out here: We can all be a part of it

Let me know if you know of any influential people. They can be scientists, academics, politicians, celebrities, athletes, or business owners. I would love to grow my list and be the top community campaigner in Scandinavia! I'm "competing" with my volunteer coordinator's mother in Sweden who has over 40 sign ups!

As of last night I was challenged by Katie (Grimes/Cooke) to take on the ice bucket. I proudly took on the challenge, in spite of temperatures in the 50s, and have asked people to nominate an influential person to sign the Arctic Declaration. I'm hoping that it can go viral, but we'll see what happens. I was limited on time to get more creative, but I am hoping that the Esperanza crew and actress Emma Thompson will do the challenge to raise awareness for both causes. I sounded like I didn't know where the Esperanza was, but I decided to say with Emma Thomspon instead because I had a brain fart thinking about the oncoming brain freeze!

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