ICES Day 3

[Attempt to take a panoramic photo of my cabin]
[Hauling in the first trawl of the survey]
Today we had our first station of the survey. I have the day shift, so that means that I process the trawl catches from 6AM to noon, and then 6PM to midnight. The first catch was very small, but the next was probably around a ton of mackerel. I sort the fish and the other scientist on my shift measures and weighs them.

I haven't seen any whales yet, but I have been able to enjoy some sun on the 5th deck while keeping my eyes peeled. We have two whale watchers on board - one is a Scotsman and the other a Norwegian; both retired and go on surveys in their free time. The Norwegian has relatives in Duluth and likes to have discussions about America. His father was a whaler, so he has been whale watching most of his life.

I am proud to report that I have not gotten extremely seasick!! (KNOCK ON WOOD) The first day I was a little worried and couldn't eat much before feeling the urge, but today I had a healthy appetite to enjoy the chef's delicious meals! I have had many urges to do a little training while on board (especially yesterday since we didn't do any work), but I have been warned it's best to wait a few more days and get my sea legs. I just hope I can find some time to prepare for my half marathon. I did a practice run out at Hakavik and I didn't get tired, but my legs just didn't want to move.

We have limited internet on board, so most photos will not be posted until after the are a few pictures at least from my smart phone.

[The fish lab, or "factory," where we measure the sample]
[It has been a luxurious first day at sea]

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