A day at the Faroe Islands

This morning we arrived at the Faroe Islands. I am now aboard Brennholm. To clarify how that happened since I didn't have time to explain yesterday - The small orange boat (don't know the technical name for it) was lowered for me to get on from the second deck and we took the boat to the opposite side of Brennholm where there was a built-in ladder in the side of the boat for me to hold on and climb up. My bag was pulled up with a rope. I felt like a combination of James Bond and Bear Grylls! On Brennholm there are fewer cabins, so now I am sharing a cabin with the other American girl (Sarah) who shares my office with me at the IMR.

So back to the Faroes - after lunch I explored the world's smallest capital, Torshavn, with Ørjan, Jostein and Sara. We were given a good tip for a day trip and jumped at it, even though it was a little pricey - but how often does one go to the Faroes?? We took a bus about 40 minutes northwest to Vestmannen and took a scenic tour of the coast on a small boat. I saw my first puffin!! And then another, and another! They fly very fast though, so I did not manage to get very good pictures, and they are smaller than I thought they were! We also saw a small harbor dolphin.

Torshavn is a cute little city, and you'd never know it was actually a capital! I believe there are about 45000 people, and the space of the town felt about the same size (or smaller than) Tromsø. What a fun cruise this has been!!

[Waiting patiently while his owner is busy building this viking boat]

[Creative use of whale bones]

[Old harpoons]

[The Faroe Islands' government building]

[23 sheep were placed back here because the farmers believe the grass here makes them taste better - I guess the grass really is greener on the other side.]


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