This week on M/S Brennholm

[There's something wrong with the synchrony of the acoustics]

My job aboard Brennholm is to work on the acoustic part of my thesis. So I am practicing some sonar and echo sounder scrutinozing. I am also relating the mackerel movement to the currents, but this will be hard since mackerel are so hard to see at all on any of the acoustic equipment since they lack a swim bladder.
It is nice to just have a 7:30 to 10 work day though and I have my supervisor right next to me for help.

Everyone on the cruise has gained weight, and despite doing some exercise almost everyday I am no exception. We are feed too well on the boats and you don't move around too much. (I was even convinced to try salted and dried whale meat from the Faroes. I stayed far away from the blubber!!) At least I have been able to run 13.5 km the past couple of days with the calm seas. There aren't many options for exercise on this ship compared to G.O. Sars.

[The "gym" in the bow of the boat]
[Dried-salted whale meat and blubber from the Faroe Islands]


  1. If I have all that delicious food, I WILL put exercise aside for now! :P


    Yo ho yo ho!!!

  3. We really hope you use the final leg of your time at sea to reflect and appreciate to that which you aspire--the sea, sky and creatures within...

    So very, very proud of you. You're truly a gift.

    Love to you, Dad & Mom


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