St. Patrick's Day

Tuesday, better known as St. Patrick's Day, was probably one of my favorite days here so far. I went out with my soccer mates (Sven, Frank, Morten, etc.) on a pub crawl. When we got to our first pub one of our Norwegian mates had been "celebrating" since the morning and the usual quiet Kasper jumped up and yelled "JUSTINE!" Then he proceeded to take green paint and paint my face. This pub didn't have Guinness, but Murphy's, which is similar to Guinness. After a couple hours, I told my mates that St.Paddy's wouldn't be right without a proper pint of Guinness, so we moved on to the QF Tavern. There was a guy playing guitar and all the Americans started singing when he played "Hotel California." My American friends who joined me were Hunter (from North Carolina) and Lilian (from Oregon who is in my Spanish class).

I wish that I took pictures but I forgot to charge my camera the night before. But it was still a very fun night: "Michi" and her crew of "big brothers." I've managed to convince Lisa to go out with all of us one night this weekend because they've all been curious. When we play soccer most of them have their "woman" come watch, so I told Lisa that she'd have to be my "woman" (totally joking of course). Going to Rangitoto Saturday with big brother, Sven. Other than that I'll be hitting the books and getting a head start on my essays and studying so that I don't have too much to do over mid-semester/Easter break that starts April 3.

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