A List.

I don't have time today to write a long entry today since I have a bit of studying to do and I'm playing soccer at 3:30 today with my Brazilian friends. So here's the list:

- I've been asked if I'm Brazilian 3 times and Portuguese once...no one knows where Honduras is.
- Making friends fairly quickly simply because people hear me talk and get curious about where I'm from. I have a few friends in Anthropoplogy: Hugh (who's dad did study abroad at UMich) and John (who was born in New Jersey and lived in MD but grew up mostly in Australia/NZ). My friend in Marine Science, Ayu, grew up in Michigan but went to college in Asia and now doesn't have an American accent.

-Met Lisa's hosts...very nice and talkative Kiwis who go lawn bowling -- similar to bocce but different.

- Lisa managed to fall down a single stair and sprain her ankle on Friday the 13th. We couldn't get ahold of our hosts so they called an ambulance because she said she heard a crack. One of the paramedics who picked us up was the same one I had the Wednesday I passed out at the bank. He recognized me and asked all sorts of questions about my problem while Lisa was enjoying some happy gas to make the pain more tollerable. Turned out to just be a sprain and she was sent home with crutches.

- Wanted to go to Rangitoto on Saturday but the rain would've ruined it so we went to a pub and had a beer. We had gone to this pub the day before and were served very artsy cocktails by this showoff Brazilian bartender who knew how to get tourist money, but we stood our groud this time and said that we just wanted a beer and no fancy drinks because they're too expensive!

- Today I'm working on homework and playing soccer in the park. Tomorrow, since I have a bit of time before my only class at 1, I'd like to go to the Maritime Museum downtown.

--> Fuzzy picture of Auckland City skyline at night.

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