Soccer in the Park

Yesterday afternoon (Saturday) I went to "the domain" to play some soccer. The domain is a park located by the museum and there's a mixture of students and locals playing fairly often. We played from about 3:30 - 6:30. I was the only girl playing and so the guys were taking it easy on me because they were affraid they'd hurt me but they made the game almost too easy. I managed to score 3 goals before they said "You're really good for a girl!" [They must not have seen many girls play soccer because I'm not very good.] After a solid 3 hours of running on the muddy field I came back a bit dirty. I had to catch a bus back to Birkdale so one of the Brazilians who I was playing with offered to give me a ride to the bus stop. His name is Juliano and he gave me some good spots to learn how to surf and such.

Today I went on a hike just 10 minutes walk from my house in the Birkenhead Reserve. The birds were loud and I was determined to get a good picture of them but I only managed to see two different species. It was very pretty when I came accross the occasional little waterfall. I was gone for about 3 hours but I didn't even realize it because I just kept walking til I realized I had walked to the next town (Glenfield).

I start class in the morning. I only have marine science on Monday so I wonder how it will go.

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