Getting back into the swing of Uni.

I'm feeling pretty much fully recovered after my episode and just on one more day of antibiotics. My left arm hurts a bit and is bruised from the multiple lines put in - definitely painful after 4 hours of constant writing in my lectures. I can tell I'm not in as good of shape as I was in since it's a pain in the ass to climb the hills downtown. Lisa says it's obvious I lost weight in the hospital though - probably because of the food there that tasted like cardboard most days. Before class today Lisa and I went into a McDonalds off Queen Street and I ordered the "Big Kiwi Breakfast," since they don't serve the Mcmuffin on a biscuit. It wasn't very good, not going to lie. So after that we went to our new favorite little cafe called Muffin Break and had some tea. Everyone there is so pleasant and the girl behind the counter calls you "Darling" or "Sweet heart." So here's a picture of the full moon that was on March 11 and the other picture is obviously the McDonalds breakfast.

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