Day 1 of class and I'm already looking at mid-semester break plans.

Today was my first day of class at the University of Auckland. I had marine science. It was alright...fairly boring for a first lecture; but that seems typical with every class I've ever taken. I didn't have class til 1PM, so when I got off the bus at 10AM I walked down to the docks and looked out at the harbor and enjoyed some "hokey pokey" ice cream. I loved was so relaxing just watching the boats go in and out, hearing the gulls hovering above, and the sea breeze cooling my skin that was finally seeing some summer sun after at least 3 months of winter. Even the fishy smell was Heaven! I sat there for two hours and didn't even realize it. After class I showed my new favorite spot of the city to Lisa and we caught the bus back to our homestays.

I started planning for spring break around 8PM local time. We get two weeks off for Easter/Mid-Semester break. There's a number of hostels that will cost about $10USD/night and cheap campervans for rent, but I want to see if I can find another friend who would be interested in driving on the other side of the road before I experiment. I want to spend about 12 days driving from Auckland all the way down the coast to Queenstown and back around to Christchurch and back up to Wellington and home. The skydiving and bungee jumping is supposed to be spectacular down in Queenstown and it would be pretty cool to see as many of the Lord of the Rings locations as possible.

Tomorrow I have Advanced Spanish I, Geography, and Anthropology.

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