Morten and the Crab.

Friday wasn't too bad of a day (which means no rain), so I walked down to the warf with my friend Luke from Anthropology class. We walked over to the edge and sat down and looked for fish and sea life. Right when we sat down his phone fell out of his pocket and into the water. He was pretty calm considering it was a $150 phone with $28 of prepaid minutes on it. He just figured: "Well, at least it wasn't my wallet." Then we saw a fairly large jellyfish swim by, so we named him Jeffrey and joked that Jeffrey had his phone and was texting other jellies. We walked all over downtown, from the waterfront up to the domain where I play soccer and where the museum is.

After class I met up with some mates up in Shadows (the on campus pub) for a bit. My friend Lilian, from Spanish class, called me and said that she was getting a group to go to Mexcian Cafe to maybe work on our Spanish skills a bit. We first went to Morten's place, where we had some pizza and then went out. Mexican Cafe was fun! There was all sorts of Latin music playing and people dancing. We were there until about 3AM! Then while our other friends were at a flatwarming party, Morten and I went on an adventure in the city. We started down by the water where we saw this 5-inch crab on a set of stairs that were partially underwater. I wanted to take a picture so Morten decides to try to catch the crab with his hands and hold it. It was hilarious seeing this tall Norwegian kind of scrambling on the steps trying to catch a crab with is bare hands. He almost got it but it pinched him. He just stood up and said: "New Zealand crabs are much faster than Norwegian crabs." I laughed so hard.

It was like 5:30AM and I was starving so we went to Denny's....yes, a New Zealand Denny's restaurant and ordered breakfast. There was a guy on the sidewalk doing sweet juggling moves with a soccer ball, so Frank took my picture with him -- pretty sweet. Then went back to Morten's to watch Flight of the Conchords and some Family Guy episodes with his flatmate, Rachel, who was also out with us earlier in the night and Got back home, in Birkdale, and slept for a bit. Now, just waiting for dinner and then going downtown to watch some rugby with Sven and mates.

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