London Summary

Now that I have a few more minutes I'll write about the trip to London to visit Carolyn. Marius and I left Bergen on the 17th and stayed with Carolyn at the home where she worked this summer. She was a good tour guide! We took the Underground to get more central and walked to all the touristy things you can do.

My favorite was Westminster Abbey. The history was really interesting and it was just beautiful inside the abbey. It was a shame that taking pictures isn't allowed. I tired to sneak one but it came out too blurry. We also saw St. Paul's, which was also beautiful, but not as impressive as the great Abbey. We attended an evening service, which was very pleasant.

We also walked by the typical tourist spots: Big Ben, Parliment, London Eye, across the Tower Bridge, walked around the Tower of London (it was too expensive to go in and see the crown jewels), and other things such as parks, Oxford Street, and Picadilly Circus.

My second favorite part of the trip was Borough Market where they sold a variety of fresh fruits and veggies, seafood, and baked goods. Marius and I got a great clock for the kitchen there too from a local artist. We lugged that thing all around London and back for two days, so we were glad it made it home in one piece.

On our last day in London, Carolyn had to catch a flight earlier than Marius and I, so we found our way around the city without our guide. We went to the London Sealife Aquarium and Hyde Park. We had a nice trip full of lots of walking and site seeing! Thanks Carolyn for being so patient with us and showing us all the sights!

[Big Ben]

[Marius and Westminster Abbey]

[Some much appreciated nice weather!]

[I was sneaky and took a picture of the ceiling at St. Paul's during the service]

[Buckingham Palace - Tourist OVERLOAD!]

[With our tourguide at Tower Bridge on the way to the Tower of London]

[Someone wasn't used to all this walking]

[Outside Parliment building on our last day in London]

[Hyde Park entrance via Buckingham Palace - the Wellington Arch]

[Fish at Borough Market]

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