Carolyn's Visit

After not seeing Carolyn for about 2 years and 8 months, she came to Bergen to visit for the weekend. She got in Friday evening and went home Monday around dinner time. When she arrived, Borghild and Knut came over and we cooked fish on the grill with veggie skewers and potatoes.

In the morning, we got up and drove 6 hours to Preikestolen. We had to take 3 car ferries to get to the hike. The weather started out nice, but when we got to the end point of the hike with the great view, it was cloudy and very windy. All the pictures I had seen showed sun and people sitting on the platform enjoying some food. But it was still a great hike. The one I most wanted to do over here.

Instead of staying the night in Stavanger (near the start of the hike), we drove all the way back to Bergen. In the morning, we slept in a bit and then hiked up Ulriken (the highest of 7 mountains surrounding Bergen). It was VERY steep! Knut runs up that mountain several times a week...amazing that he can do that. At one point it is so steep that the handrail is as high as my shoulder!

When we got to the top the view was great! Windy and chilly (seems to be a normal thing now), but great. We had lunch (quite pricy) at the cafe up there and then took the cable car back down to beat the rain. After getting a warm shower and a nap, we went to the city ceter, where there is a different kind of Bergen in the summer than what I saw in the winter. Lots of people all over, a big fishmarket (that sold whale meat even! YUCK!), and some souvenier booths. Carolyn was greeted by Bergen rain, but it didn't seem to bother her.

Monday was the first day of welcome week at University of Bergen, but it wasn't the nicest welcome to find out that I didn't have a student number (so I was never put into their system). I was told to go from one building to the next to get put into the computer. And I thought that the "Mentor Week" was for international students as well as Bachelor students, but no, just Bachelors. Well, after all the frustration I'm in the system now and have to select my classes today. Everyone in the administration area for my faculty knows my name very well, since I was a somewhat difficult case, but they all seemed very nice and willing to help me.

Carolyn went back to London yesterday, so tomorrow night we'll be flying to visit her! I'll post more pictures from Carolyn's visit on the next post.

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