Getting settled

Monday was officially my first day of classes. I had BIO300 (Biological Data Analysis and Research Design) and MAR310 (Marine Methods); I'm also taking Fish Behavior and Marine Flora/Fauna. And right away we had our first field trip to Espegrend Biological Station near the Bergen airport. We did some intertidal work that was similar to what I did in Auckland, so I had the upperhand yesterday. Similar species to identify, just different names. It was a 6am start for me to get the busses out there and then we finished earlier than expected at 3. So when I got home I went to the gym and then Marius and I hiked up Ulriken again, this time with some running intervals...hard work!! Just a month left until Stoltzen Opp, so we really have to get training!

Today I got my reading room, kind of like my office that I share with 11 other people. But I have my own desk and we get keys to lock our things inside, and we don't have to stress about fighting undergrads for a study space. Next I have to figure out how to get the student price for the tram to campus from near the apartment and open a uni bank account for my visa application.

Rainy day today, so should be good for study.

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