Testing water quality for Bergen Municipality

The Bergen Kommune has recruited one of my classes to test the water quality at various areas around Bergen. The class is divided into groups to test treatment plant outputs, swimming beaches, and river systems. My group was selected to test three different beach sites in an area north of the city called Arna. Yesterday, I woke up at 5:45AM to get to the campus by 6:45 to be at Arna by 7:30 and finish our sampling before noon so that the E. coli samples can be examined. I did the intertidal biodiversity sampling, since I knew I would be efficient at it thanks to all my experience in Auckland. I sure know my alga!! I wanted to try to use the waders and take water samples for the phosphate and E. coli, but we would have used too much time to change the waders from person to person, and we were on a time crunch.

Even though we don't know all of the results of our data, from what we could see, the water didn't look tooooo clean at one of the sites, especially. It was right next to an industrial area. I think that knowing all of these things about water quality has made me more picky about where I'll go swimming . Shame.

[Ole is sampling for E. coli at the first site (Garnes). Beautiful morning!]

[Our second site near the industrial area. Starting to get numb fingers now!]

[Benedicte digging some sediment samples for us to look at under a microscope in the lab at UiB]

[One of our sampling squares - everyone at UoA Biology would recognize these things]

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