Sept. 1 begins in Taiji

The annual Taiji dolphin slaughter began on the 1st. Ric O'Barry is joined by activists from around the world in Japan now for a protest against the hunting season. Culture is not a good reason for mass harvesting of dolphins that are loaded with toxic levels of mercury.

It is a little different to hear the Norwegian opinion of whaling. It is quite different from that of New Zealand, which is FULL of whale-huggers. Many Norwegians I have talked to about the issue, believe that whales provide the same food source as cattle does in other countries. I can see their point, but to me, it is a matter of the Japanese claiming it is for research but it's hard to believe. If they told the truth about it, then we'll discuss the basic situation of if whaling is not ethical/sustainable/etc.

Maybe I should start a survey to see what the public opinion of whaling is in Bergen where they sell whale meat at the local famous fish market.

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